We have posted frequently asked questions from our customers.


What will happen if & when we have used very old nylon cord?

CAL’s nylon cords for mowing contain enough water to maintain the strength. (It’s an one of the production process called “humidity control”)
When using the nylon cord left over from last season, you may feel it tightly hard a little. This is a state of water loss due to long-term inventory.
It is convenient to remember that it will get back to the close state at the time of shipment just by soaking it in hot water prior to the use.


Which is better, round shape or square shape?

It was a concept that was not so common in the days when there were only round cords, but nowadays many people pursue the sharpness of nylon cords. The basic understanding is that the sharpness increases when the edge of the cord can hit the grass. In terms of durability, a round shape cord is suitable since the burden on it is lower, but I think it is better to start with a thicker sized cord at the beginning stage of use.
On top of this idea, when you considered the twisted shape (twist cord) you could enjoy the better sharpness.
It is the benefit of nylon cord that you could change the sort of cord depending on the kind of brush cutter, environment of the grass/field and the matching with the cutter head etc.
You are kindly advised to try a variety of nylon cord.


What is the benefit of twisted cord?

Basically, nylon cord invite the heavy burden on the engine. However, in parallel with the improvement of the performance of the engine on brush cutter, performance of nylon cord is improving as well. By adding the ‘twist’ on nylon cord, air resistance come lighter.
And same time sharpness come better since the edge of the cord can touch easier. You are kindly recommended to try twist cord with smaller engine sized brush cutter or with battery type brush cutter.


What is the standard of size indication

Manner of size indication is different for manufactures. In our case, we are basically indicating by one side length. (When we indicate the size by diameter, figure will come bigger.) And in case of twisted cord and other unique cross sectional shape cord, the figure has a variation depending on the position of the measurement.

  • diagonal 2.4mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 1.69mm
  • diagonal 2.7mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 1.90mm
  • diagonal 3.3mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 2.33mm
  • diagonal 3.5mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 2.47mm
  • diagonal 4.0mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 2.82mm

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Why the cord break easily?

The benefit of the nylon cord is far safer than metal blade in comparison. However, if & when operator handled the brush cutter with nylon cord exactly same manner as with metal blade, nylon cord break quite easily. That must be because of the excessive burden is getting on the bottom of the nylon cord by swinging the head of brush cutter and hitting the grass by entire cord. You could enjoy the characteristic of the nylon cord when you try to hit the brass only by the tip area of the cord without swinging the head of brush cutter too much.

favourable manner of grass mowing
unfavourable manner of grass mowing