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CEO message

The nylon cord for grass mowing has become much more popular than it used to be though, in comparison with the situation in Europe & USA, we have to say that the degree of penetration is still quite low. We believe that the understanding regarding the importance of safety should be common through out the world whereas there exist the difference in topography & climate between Japan & Europe/USA. Under the circumstance that the injury including both serious & minor ones at the field work is taking places mostly at grass mowing operation as we can see in statistic data, we think that we have to expand more consciousness of safety at grass mowing operation including the safety of product itself and at its production stage. We believe that it's our duty to expand the information regarding products/manner of operation/tip of way of operation depending on the operating field etc. through out every possible measure. For that sake, we think that it should not be the egocentric safety, then we wish to keep improving the quality & volume of safety by having our customers opinion/requirement/experience as much as possible.

Eiji Kimura, CEO

Eiji Kimura, CEO

Management Philosophy

By improving the quality and the volume of the safety & by keep trying the quality improvement and the adequate supply to the customer, together with further technical improvement we will keep supplying the product which can contribute to the society.

「We are keep trying to be the company who can contribute to society by improving the quality of our entire company through our each department's own work under the company's motto ' Quality has much more value than price', and same time we are focusing on the educational activities for the safe & secure grass mowing operation.


outline of the company

company name CAL Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Address Post Code 384-2307
1289-1 Yamabe, Tateshina-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
CEO Eiji Kimura
TEL/FAX TEL : -81-(0)267-56-2691
FAX : -81-(0)267-56-2696
capital JPY10,000,000
establishment of the company 1984
business content manufacturing & sales of nylon cord for grass mowing and manufacturing & sales of monorail for welfare
employee 25


1984 started as private business in Ohizumi Gakuen-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
1989 according to the expand of the business, moved to Tateshina-cho, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture and r reorganized into a joint-stock company and same time established 1st phase factory and started the assembly of the products.
1999 built reinforced concrete made 2 stories150㎡ new factory
2000 started the sales of 'twist cord'
2003 started the sales of 'silent cord'
2005 acquire the land for new factory at Koganeido, Yamabe-aza, Tateshina-cho
2006 built the molding factory for the extrusion molding machine and the R&D building on that land. Installed the extrusion molding machine in the factory, and started the own production of nylon cord for grass mowing
2008 started the sales of Metallic cord
2009 started the sales of Golden BISON
2011 for the first time, exhibited at International Gardening Exhibition in Germany(Spoga+gafa2011). Since then, we have been exhibiting for 7 consecutive years.
2012 starting the sales of Walnut mix cord and developed/installed the doughnut shape pack automatic cord reeling machine
2014 Newly built No.3 factory(for Monorail Assembly) additional extrusion molding machine installed exhibited monorail & nylon cord exhibited both at EIMA2014 in Italy
2016 started the sales of Rock'N'(granite mix cord)
2017 CAL has been registered as 'supporter' at *'Agricultural Women's Project'.
*The Agricultural Women's Project was started in 2013 by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan with the aim of 1)utilizing the abilities of female farmers in society and 2) increasing the number of young female farmers entering the market.
2018 in December, (Mr.)Eiji Kimura has been appointed as CEO


Address Post Code 384-2307 1289-1 Yamabe, Tateshina-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
TEL -81-(0)267-56-2691
FAX -81-(0)267-56-2696
by car approx. 20 minutes drive from IC Tohbu Yunomaru