What is the standard of size indication

Manner of size indication is different for manufactures. In our case, we are basically indicating by one side length. (When we indicate the size by diameter, figure will come bigger.) And in case of twisted cord and other unique cross sectional shape cord, the figure has a variation depending on the position of the measurement.

  • diagonal 2.4mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 1.69mm
  • diagonal 2.7mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 1.90mm
  • diagonal 3.3mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 2.33mm
  • diagonal 3.5mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 2.47mm
  • diagonal 4.0mm ⇔ one side length =approx. 2.82mm

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